Challenges in urban development

by Volvo IT Newsdesk, Åse Hallencreutz

A two-day workshop addressing the common challenges facing urban development of existing and future cities was recently hosted by Volvo IT and Volvo Car Corporation.

Tech Watch & Business Innovation – Volvo IT’s global skill center for future IT areas – together with IT Innovation office at Volvo Car Corporation hosted the workshop. Participants from Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Group and Viktoria Institute - a non-profit IT-research institute, focusing on automotive and transport informatics also joined the workshop.

Inspiration and ideas was the focus for the first day. The participants listened to Lars Reuterswärd of Mistra Urban Futures at Chalmers University of Technology and to Puneet Trehan, Sustainability Innovation Manager to IKEA, presenting their views on urban development.

Workshop process

In groups, the participants identified the most important challenges. During the day all ideas were documented into a common platform provided by TWBI.  The second day of the workshop was held a week later. In time between, the participants used the platform to work with and comment the ideas, or even develop new ideas.


Day two started with a short recap of what had been done a week before. After that, the most interesting ideas were chosen and worked with on a more detailed level.

Next step is for Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation to develop a common prototype based upon the best idea from the seminar.

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