Volvo IT attracts young professionals

by Volvo IT Newsdesk, Åse Hallencreutz

Young professionals once again rank Volvo IT as one of the ten most attractive Swedish employers in the annual Talent Excellence Award.

Global business operations, combined with visible career paths, are some of Volvo IT’s success factors according to Martin Strömqvist at Universum Communications. “What really impresses me is that Volvo IT has been ranked in the top ten since 1999. Even though other IT consultants fall back, Volvo IT manages to keep its position, year after year.”

“Innovation is part of the company’s culture and strategy for the future,” says Johanna Flanke, Director Human Resources. “To keep up with new technologies and skills, it’s vital to attract this young talent. Over the past few years we have increased our presence in social media and we take part in various live events, to meet young professionals in their own arenas.”

“To this generation, the balance in life is essential,” adds Martin Strömqvist.  “For example, employers, like Volvo IT, that offer flexible hours and the possibility of working from home, are more attractive than those who don’t. We also see that they value job security. Volvo IT, being part of a strong group, is considered safer than other consultancy companies, which most likely plays its part in the success.” 

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Universum carries out an annual survey called Ideal Employer ™Research, where 19,000 young professionals rank their ideal employers from a variety of aspects. Volvo IT came in eighth place this year, and has been ranked in the top ten since 1999.

Helena Zackrisson
Vice President Customer Relations & Sales
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