Switch off the lights and switch on a greener living

by Volvo IT Newsdesk

23rd of March, the biggest environmental event - Earth Hour - will take place. Commute Greener and WWF are sharing the idea of challenging and inspiring others to commit to a greener lifestyle.

Since last year its organizer, WWF, encourages people to challenge each other to make environmental friendly resolutions. The idea is to transform the energy and interest around the Earth Hour into something bigger and long lasting.

The Commute Greener Facebook application allows to not only keeping track of one’s travels, but also to engage friends and participate in challenges with awards for improving the results.

On the occasion of Earth Hour the Commute Greener team has created a special two weeks long Earth Hour Challenge, that will be active between the 18th March and 1st April. To encourage more people to participate in it, this time all active users will have the chance to win awards.  Also the more people joining the challenge, the more awards will be given out. Let’s all challenge ourselves and contribute to a greener planet.


Commute Greener has also started an I Will If You Will Challenge and Ola Skinnarmo, the Swedish polar explorer and WWF ambassador, is committed to take a SUP, Stand Up Paddle, to work if 100 people accept the challenge and change to a greener commuting.  Also a Swedish I Will If You Will Challenge is ongoing together with Ola Skinnarmo.

For more information, please contact Magnus Kuschel, Commute Greener, Managing Director, magnus.kuschel@volvo.com, 031-322 2733 or Karin Garberg, Commute Greener, Communications, karin.garberg@volvo.com, tel 031-322 4617 or. More information: http://www.commutegreener.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/commutegreener  

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