Innovation work at Volvo IT

by Volvo IT Newsdesk

IT is a major part of future urban transport.

On April 10-12 Volvo IT participated in the Sustainable Urban Transport Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo IT presented how IT will fundamentally drive changes and also enable new services for how both goods and people travel in the future.

 “IT is, and will continue to be, an important if not leading player in the future of urban transport. All active parties in urban freight are influenced by this subject,” says Tom Hordern, Business Innovation Leader, from Volvo IT.

The audience  consisted of people representing the EU Commission, City of London, leading universities and companies, as well as students and researchers

Volvo IT’s presentation engaged with the audience through live questions/polls to help the audience understand the magnitude of the change with “mega trends”. Tech Watch & Business Innovation, which is Volvo IT’s global skill centre for future IT areas, has identified seven  mega trends i.e. Blind Spots. Read more about the seven mega trends here >>

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