Reduce carbon footprint

by Volvo IT Newdesk

Have you ever thought about the fact that starting up your computer for the day is just like turning the key to start your car in the morning? Computers may not produce visible smoke but they are nonetheless using a lot of energy. At Volvo IT new guidelines are now on the way describing how to improve many Volvo applications in terms of data transfer.


More than 3% of the global carbon emission is due to IT. Massive data centers are daily exchanging terabytes of data across the globe, supported by a global infrastructure which relies on electricity produced locally. Researchers have established that the carbon footprint of an application is directly linked to the amount of data being transferred between a server and a client. One way of detecting this is comparing the carbon footprint of music delivery through mp3 compared to CD and vinyl’s.

With this knowledge in mind, Volvo IT has identified improvement areas in terms of data transfer. Some projects at Volvo IT have already discovered the issues and use optimization techniques to decrease the carbon footprint and now new guidelines are on the way to even further reduce the necessary data transfer. 

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