A more efficient SAP environment thanks to good collaboration

by Volvo IT

When the SAP system was moved from old to new infrastructure the good collaboration between teams, hard work and persistence were the keys to success.

In the summer of 2011 the SAP DBM program at Volvo IT started as a strategic initiative to move SAP systems from Oracle to DB2 databases. At the same time, old infrastructure was replaced with new. Since the start 29 production systems have been moved including more than 160 migrations. The last system was moved in early December of 2013 and the program has now come to an end.

The program closed with a fantastic track record – they never missed a Go Live and the business values of these changes are clear:

  • The moves and migrations have resulted in dramatically improved performance for the systems.
  • Response time has decreased and backup and restore sessions take remarkably less time.
  • New processes for ordering, installation and maintenance have been implemented.
  • The activities in total have contributed to a storage reduction of 54% and a yearly decrease of run-time cost by 15 MSEK for the systems in scope.

A lot of experts at Volvo IT have been involved and together with IBM they created a well-working team, managing the preparations, testing and migrations. As all the Volvo Cooperate SAP landscapes were in scope for the program, people from most sites around the globe were involved.

“When looking back, great team work is what comes to my mind. During the 2,5 years, more than 200 people have participated in some aspect. They worked very hard so that we could meet our deadlines and always helped us when we asked,” says program manager Denise Bergstedt at Volvo IT.

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