Seven IT mega trends – Mobility in focus

by Volvo IT

Volvo IT’s global skill center for future IT areas, Tech Watch & Business Innovation department, has identified seven mega trends that will have impact on Volvo’s business within a 5 to 10 years period.

Mobility is a base for many mega trends to develop and even exist
We all have experienced the impact smartphones can have on our private and professional life. In a few years, smartphones have developed to an important tool for our business. Many of us are handling more emails in our mobiles than on the laptop and we also participate in meetings with mobile devices. In the same time it is also highly integrated with our daily life with a great deal of our private data such as apps for banking, shopping, Facebook and much more.


In the future, we can expect that mobile devices will be even more utilized in all of our business processes. There is still so much performance to gain by using ordinary smartphones or other consumer devices. Because of the fast change rate, it is much up to yourself to identify how mobile devices can make your process more efficient and communicate that to decision makers.

Wearable computing could be regarded as the next step in this development. They represent something in between computers and smartphones and will in most cases be connected to or constitute smartphones by themselves.

Another important function for mobile devices is the mobile cloud. That is software and data residing on a server rather than directly in the device. A mobile cloud is normally the same as cloud in general but enabled for mobile devices as well. We can reach the same functions and data regardless of what device or computer we are using.

Interesting facts:
• 1 Billion Smartphones or tablets will be sold during 2013. That’s 3 x the number of laptops and desktops sold during the same period.
• 4.2 billion out of 6 billion people in the world own toothbrushes, 4.5 billion own mobile phones (Mobile marketing Association)

The seven mega trends identified by Tech Watch & Business Innovation:
• Mobility
• Internet of Things
• Internet of People
• Big Data
• Human Computer Interaction
• Smart Machines
• Anything as a service

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