Seven IT mega trends – Internet of Things in focus

by Volvo IT

Connecting new places.

Volvo IT’s global skill center for future IT areas, Tech Watch & Business Innovation department, has identified seven mega trends that will have impact on Volvo’s business within a 5 to 10 years period. Internet of Things is presented as the second one in a series of articles.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting new places – such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation systems – to the Internet. When an object can represent itself digitally, it can also be controlled from anywhere.

Sensor- and chip technology
Sensors can detect many kinds of environmental aspects such as temperature, moisture, vibrations, chemical substances, light and much more. The other component needed is a computer chip including software and communication features. It does not need to communicate directly to the Internet. Clusters of objects communicate with each other; in its simplest form only some alerts goes out to the Internet.

In the future, we can expect that Internet of Things also means Internet of Everything. As Kevin Kelly says: “Everything will be part of the web, every item, every artifact that we make…”

The seven mega trends identified by Tech Watch & Business Innovation:
• Mobility
• Internet of Things
• Internet of People
• Big Data
• Human Computer Interaction
• Smart Machines
• Anything as a service

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