Seven IT mega trends – Internet of People

by Volvo IT

Collaborate outside the organization and solve problems!

Volvo IT’s global skill center for future IT areas, Tech Watch & Business Innovation department, has identified seven mega trends that will have impact on Volvo’s business within a 5 to 10 years period. Internet of People is presented as the third one in a series of articles.

Internet was primarily designed for people
With “Internet of People” we mean everything that humans are using the Internet for. It can be social media, discussion forums, web shopping and much more. This is probably the Megatrend that different organizations can improve most on.  A few examples:

  • How can we go beyond the “Make and Buy” concept? This includes Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation and Idea marketplaces (ex: http://www.ideamarketplace.com/) and more.
  • How can we utilize sites for micro jobs? Get small tasks done fast and cheap (see example).

Getting help from the crowd out there in such ways is not always in line with the way enterprises are currently working. It is important to incorporate it into an organization strategy if you will work with it.

The seven mega trends identified by Tech Watch & Business Innovation:
Internet of Things
• Internet of People
• Big Data
• Human Computer Interaction
• Smart Machines
• Anything as a service

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