Peter Grönberg awarded "Leader developer" of the year!

by Volvo IT

Every year the Swedish magazine about leaders “Chef” nominates the most prominent leaders in Sweden. The annual event ends with a gala in Stockholm where the winners are announced. This year Peter Grönberg, Vice President within Volvo IT and head of the Telematics unit at Volvo IT Peter Grönberg won the title of “Leader developer of the year”.

The jury’s motivation: "He is a warm leader who has formed a leadership style that involves rapid change with a long-term perspective. He is passionate about measuring the development, which makes it easier to track illnesses. Peter Grönberg's work has improved the results at all levels in a global company."

- I think the most important thing in a company is of course to have a great business idea, but also great leadership and innovation. You have to be consistent, persistent and a little brave to be able to go your own way, and when motivation drops amongst those around you, you have to have the courage to trust your gut and act says Peter Grönberg. 
He also points out the importance of trying to reinforce peoples’ strengths rather than pointing out their flaws.
- In the end you have to love to develop others. It is important as a leader to remember that everyone does not have to have your own strengths. You should also try and surround yourself with diverse people who question you. A good leader trusts the organization and is able to sort in the massive amount of input that you constantly receive, I never act directly says Peter Grönberg. 

Peter Grönberg
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