Volvo IT scores top results on outsourcing report

by Volvo IT

Volvo IT ranked high when customers where asked what they think about their IT Service Provider. Great performance and focus sum up what was said when the report was presented at Volvo IT.

In this study, the 2014 Nordic IT Outsourcing Study, Volvo IT was measured when it comes to outsourcing for external customers. And for the last five years Volvo IT has been part of the top five vendors.

Jef Loos, Head of Sourcing Research Europe at Whitelane says:“What differentiate Volvo IT and makes Volvo IT special, is that you are seen as a stable partner with good focus. The customers consider Volvo IT as a trustworthy vendor with no nonsense way of being.

Helena Walldorf, Vice President External Business at Volvo IT, is proud of the result and says: This is a great ranking for Volvo IT, again, and a good indicator of us offering something unique to the marketplace.”

The study was conducted by Whitelane in collaboration with PA Consulting. Whitelane Research is an independent organization focused on outsourcing research. The survey comprised more than 1000 unique IT outsourcing contracts and targeted CIOs and CFOs from more than 350 IT organizations in the Nordic region. IT service providers were evaluated based on key performance indicators covering factors like sourcing strategy, supplier selection & contracting, transition & change management and governance & supplier management.

Volvo IT is number one in satisfaction of infrastructure in Sweden. Volvo IT is number four regarding satisfaction in general of all service providers, were we received an average customer satisfaction level of 78%, compared to the average of 71% of all companies.

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