Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the Volvo Group means to be a good
corporate citizen. Delivering products and services that move society forward, having
a strong focus on environmental development, and measuring our sustainability are all
ways that the Volvo Group practices responsibility.

For Volvo IT, this is also an important aspect of our working life. We realize sustainable
IT in a number of ways – by reducing the carbon footprint produced by our data
centers and IT equipment, development and design of software and applications for
more environment friendly production, as well as delivering solutions that help our
customers improve their impact on the environment.

Whether it involves cooling our largest data center with sea water, enabling virtual
simulations and virtual collaboration, or developing a mobile app to promote green
commuting, Volvo IT employees seek creative and innovative ways to make a difference
through technology. As an example, Commute Greener, our app to promote
green commuting, was recognized by CIO magazine in Sweden as the most sustainable
project of 2011.

Connecting with communities, schools, and universities around the world is also
an important way for us to make an imprint on society. We actively encourage our
employees to engage in initiatives to give aid to those in need and contribute to local
initiatives, projects, and sponsorships.