Activity ensuring future Mainframe competence

by Volvo IT Newsdesk

Mainframe is, from a strategic point of view, an important technical platform for Volvo IT and our customers. To secure future competence, development and commitments, the Mainframe teams at Volvo IT are now setting up an activity to manage a resource shift.

With very senior and experienced technicians, Volvo IT is truly in the front of the Mainframe area. During the years, Volvo IT has received several awards for our competence and is often seen upon as best in class. The technical teams are now facing a shift in generations and are looking for new technicians to take on future challenges.

A Young Professionals Programme has been developed to attract technicians to a nine months preparatory training in the Mainframe technical teams.
“The ambition is to develop their skills and provide them with an understanding for how we work. They will grow their skills in the areas of maintenance and enhancement, but also support the technicians working here today. On top of that, the training leads to employment at Volvo IT,” says Otto Östermark, Vice President for Infrastructure&Operations at Volvo IT.

“This is a great initiative, securing our commitments and skills in the Mainframe area and an opportunity to enter an exciting environment. This type of competence is not generally available on the market and therefore we have to develop it ourselves. We need to act now, or we will have a gap which would affect our capability to deliver in the area,” Otto Östermark continues.

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