Volvo IT strengthening the position

by Volvo IT

Volvo IT comes out as number two in a recent survey made by KPMG on Nordic IT outsourcing contracts.

In KPMG’s recent study of IT outsourcing contracts Indian Company TCS receives the highest customer satisfaction ranking. Although, Volvo IT is the company receiving the biggest shares of satisfied and very satisfied customers.

"I am impressed with Volvo IT and how they, in hard competition, manage to strengthen their position in the Swedish market. This is the fifth year Volvo IT climbs in our survey”, says Carl-Henrik Hallström, Head of Outsourcing Advisory Services at KPMG. In the same press release Carl-Henrik Hallström notes that IT outsourcing actors with a long history in the Nordic countries fall near or below average in terms of customer satisfaction.

The KPMG survey is performed on more than 200 large companies and organizations purchasing IT services for more than 120 billion Swedish crowns. “There is still a great demand for outsourcing and Sweden is the Nordic market with the highest percentage of companies and organizations planning to increase their outsourcing. Saving money is the main reason to outsource IT, but quality and competence are as well ranked as important reasons”, says Carl-Henrik Hallström.

For more information on the KPMG survey (in Swedish)

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