Successful event!

by Volvo IT

We were there and the cube tagged along.

Did you meet the cube on DI Strategic IT event? The cube describes a Volvo IT in miniature explaining the sourcing model and who we are. Would you like to know more please contact us?

The event DI Strategic IT is an event hosted by Sweden’s leading business journal and is a hot spot when it comes to taking part of the latest innovations and sharing important IT experience. This year Jean-Peter Fendrich spoke about making the correct business decision when it comes to what IT investments to go for. Jean-Peter showed the Volvo IT's model when it comes to prototyping.There have been several examples during the history where expensive IT investments with terribly long delays, significantly exceeded its budget and even closed down after implementation. Volvo IT's model shows that prototyping gives fast results with clear value and makes the decision easier and more correct when it come it the IT investment.


The cube describes who we are and our sourcing model.

Follow the cube on www.twitter.com/volvoitmedia. Would you like you own cube, give us a tweet on volvoitmedia and we will get in touch with you.

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Next event we will participate on is 600 Minutes Executive IT, in Stockholm, April 29, hope to see you there. 



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