Our offering

Our offering

We make your business run more predictable, efficient and cost effective by deliver solutions and services for your needs.

At Volvo IT we have been supplying IT to the Volvo Group for over 40 years, and been the driving force to make Volvo become a leading user of information technology in the automotive industry. Today we are delivering reliable IT to customers across multiple industries also outside the Volvo Group.

We deliver enterprise solutions and standardized, global services that are geared for use by any industry segment. This includes a wide range of managed and end user services. Our customers rely on us to deliver a broad range of IT services, such as:  application management and operations, IT infrastructure and operations, networking and communications, and project management, as well as desktop, collaboration, mobility, telephony, training, and support services. Our services are in action in countless different ways - every hour of every day.

Our solutions are standardized in terms of architecture, hardware, storage and maintenance ensuring cost efficiency in the infrastructure and operations area. This set-up, our sourcing model, is to maximize economies of scale and other synergies to reduce cost and to ensure maximum flexibility when adapted to your business needs.

We at Volvo IT are known for high-quality deliveries and security standards. A strong fundament of our business philosophy are environmental and social issues, with a focus on sustainable IT.

We are an awarded sourcing partner according to market renowned research institutes.  
Volvo IT ranked high when customers where asked what they think about their IT Service Provider.

Let’s make your IT solutions run more predictable, efficient and cost effective.

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