Volvo IT is a global company that is offering infrastructure and operations that secure flexibility, integration and security of business critical information. Our customers, which operate across multiple businesses, are recognized by complex environment and challenges in tight time frames. These requirements set very high demand on our organization, systems and experience. Volvo IT has 15 years of SAP experience and knowledge of the technology and using SAP products.

Today we have more than 50 000 SAP users within the Volvo Group and several of the companies within the Volvo Group have expanded their SAP portfolio starting from the 80’s with financing systems to today when the portfolio coverings a large number of processes. We are working with several SAP components, ERP, CRM, SCM, BW etc.

As a proof of our competence at Volvo IT in using SAP solutions, we are awarded to SAP Certified in Hosting Advanced partner. We are also Advanced Customer Center of Expertise (ACCoE) certified. Volvo IT can offer implementation, operation and support of SAP solutions.

Volvo IT’s SAP Application hosting service provides a cost efficient solution that offers high availability for your business critical applications. The result is a scalable, process transparent and financially predictable solution.

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