IT operation

Volvo IT manages complex global IT environments. We operate and support the majority of platforms used today.

Complete solution
Volvo IT's IT Operation Services are designed to meet business application hosting needs by providing availability, reliability, scalability, and performance. IT Operation Services are only a part of the complete solution that adds to business value delivered by Volvo IT.
Volvo IT works with other suppliers to deliver an overall seamless service for a complete business solution.

Best IT working practices
Volvo IT reviews and tests new technology and best IT working practices and is involved with major suppliers to keep up to date with new and planned products and releases. Using this knowledge, Volvo IT works to continually improve its services, reach benchmarks to verify the success of this ongoing work, and also identify areas of further improvement.

Services are based on the latest proven hardware and software technologies, provided that they add business value to the service.

Security tools
State of the art security tools are used in each environment to block unauthorized access to business applications and business data.