Take a step towards positive climate change – Commute Greener!

About Commute Greener!
Accessible via web and mobile phone, the Commute Greener! service provides an easy way to measure the carbon dioxide emissions generated during your every day commute. Whether you are commuting by car, bus, train, or bicycle, Commute Greener! allows you to take active steps to reduce your CO2 footprint - with just a few clicks.

With Commute Greener!, you can:

  • Set your target for reducing your personal CO2 footprint
  • See the progress against your personal CO2 reduction targets
  • Share experiences in a trusted, online community

Commute Greener! is ideal for

  • Urban city dwellers, who have a range of commuting options available
  • Companies & organizations, who want to inspire employees & implement CSR activities
  • Cities & Public Transport Authorities, who would like to increase city efficiencies and boost usage of public transport

Learn more on http://www.commutegreener.com/

Development of Commute Greener
Commute Greener developments are led by Volvo IT. The technology is also using key features from Pocket Life, a leading platform for secure mobile and location based services across web and mobile operating systems.