Volvo learning portal

Our E-learning is delivered via LMS - an Application Service Provider solution.

Our LMS provides the platform for your organization's online learning environment by enabling the management, delivery and tracking of e-learning or blended learning for trainees and stakeholders. LMS supports a global collaborative learning community, providing the platform for self-paced coursework, online classroom instruction, and group learning such as online forums, chat rooms and video conferencing.

A geographically dispersed workforce can learn as one training group, by using the same online course held in LMS. By using a security password learners can access the right course through LMS quickly and simply. Online courses can be monitored, skills tested and competence results recorded.  

By integrating LMS with other departments such as HR, accounts and e-commerce, administrative and supervisory tasks can be streamlined and automated and the overall cost and the impact of your organizations education needs can be tracked and quantified.